A Fresh Start

Acrylic Painting, Realistic, Sold

This is part of a beautiful local bush walk, behind a major Sydney hospital. You would never know such beauty exists, so hidden and so gorgeous behind a car park. It is also a local hang out for a variety of owl species.
I find it endlessly inspiring, due to its lushness and the juxtaposition of it being so close to the highway. It is interesting how this oasis can be found so close and so many are unaware of it.
Acrylic on canvas
76 x 91.2cm



The Cliffs of Zenith 2

Acrylic Painting, Originals For Sale, Splatter

I am not the most commercial artist. To be commercial you are supposed to paint in a similar style so that your art is recognisable, I am not so good at that because I paint my life and my moods, so my paintings tend to go up and down with my life.
I did read a great article about the reason to paint the same things over and over…to learn from! What a good idea…maybe a good thing for life also?? Learn from past mistakes??? Maybe??
76 x 76cm
Acrylic on Linen Canvas
Framed in painted white, Tasmanian Oak, floating frame (made by me).

I always contemplate life as I paint, and I was really struck while painting this one in particular. If you were to come in part way through and check out my painting you would think it was pretty terrible, you wouldn’t see the process I was going through to enable the beauty to develop.
Our life is not simple and it would be pretty easy to look at it and think what a mess! Someone messed this up! I know that God has His vision and purpose for our lives, that He sees the completed picture and the process we must go through in order for it to be made complete.


The Cliffs of Zenith

Acrylic Painting, Sold, Splatter

Acrylic Paint on canvas, stretched and ready to hang
101.6 x 101.6cm

Signed on the front

I have fallen in love with Nelson Bay thanks to some truly special friends. It has provided me with endless inspiration.  
One of my favourite new discoveries was a hidden tucked away piece of paradise…Zenith Beach. The beauty there was staggering. 
In order to replicate some of the texture I saw, I threw paint all over the canvas as a base layer, squishing and pulling the paint with paper and glad wrap, giving the whole canvas undulations, blobs and creases.

Framed in Tasmanian oak frame