I Don’t Care

Abstract, Acrylic Painting, Floral, Sold, Splatter

This is a part of my splatter paint series. 
Painting these is pure joy: I literally throw paint on the canvas and then paint what the painting shows me.

As an artist I long to please, to have others like what I do, to value it, to be accepted; but this isn’t always good for the soul. Sometimes we must create with no one else in mind, but to paint what is in our soul, without caring if it is liked, valued or accepted. To be purely free to be me…letting go of the expectations of others is good for the soul.

I Don’t Care: because I care too much.

Since finishing this painting I have added to it. I was watching a cockatoo, while on my morning walk and was struck by their audacity. They have this amazing care free attitude that I thought perhaps I could learn from. This one on this particular day, it was covered in mud, and it was having a feed on the nature strip and totally living its best life. It didn’t care less about me, I walked quite close to it and it just one about its breakfast, keeping a vague eye on me, but really not to bothered by my interest in it, definitely not bothered by it being covered in mud. Maybe I could learn something from the audacious cockies.

Acrylic On Canvas
76 x 76 cm canvas