Ink Study 4

Abstract, For sale, Ink Painting, Mixed Media

Life has been getting in the way of art, but I have been still desperate and longing to create. 
So I tried something different. 
I love the flow and organic nature of ink and water. I love how it changes over time, with water and as it dries. I love the shapes it creates. I really enjoyed giving abstract a go also. It is actually almost harder for me than realistic art. Did it work or not…you be the judge.
This painting would look great, framed in a series, with others in this series.

26 x 38cm
Ink and Acrylic on Paper
Requires framing


Restfully Divided

Abstract, Acrylic Painting, Neutrals, Sold

So this was frustrating…I had this idea for my new painting to paint how I feel…divided. 
To be a commercial artist you are supposed to have a style, for your art to be recognisable as yours. 
To be happy, I have to paint how I feel, which is up, down and all over the place. 
As a person, I feel constantly divided…manage the house, love and take care of the kids, love my Husband, serve God, have a career, earn money, take care of myself… 
I wanted to paint a painting divided, to show how I felt…so divided, and do you know what happened? I tried…and failed, lol, kind of like life most of the time. 
So instead, I washed over it, cut off some pieces and no one knows the divided painting underneath…hmmm… 
Restfully divided?
101.6 x 101.6cm