An Unexpected Outcome

Acrylic Painting, For sale

I tend to want to control the outcomes of life, like most of us do, and this spills into art, if I am not careful. I started a painting and desperately wanted it to be something that just wasn’t in me to paint. It was so constantly frustrating and consequently it sat there unfulfilled and unfinished for months. When I looked at in a different light, with fresh, willing and malleable ideas and eyes I was able to see what was really there to be painted. It was completely different than what I had intended but so much better and funnily enough it then came naturally to me. 
It was a reminder to me that I can not always control things, I must look at what I have not what I don’t have and just go with it. 
So many lessons learnt through painting.

91.5 x 91.5 cm
Acrylic on stretched canvas, ready to hang


Pearly Pebbles

Acrylic Painting, For sale

This was influenced by a previous painting and lessons I learn from Mitzi Vardi at a class. Super fun experimenting with splattering paint, water and then seeing what comes of it. 
I love this process as it starts out as completely abstract and forces me to be uncomfortable and not paint perfectly, but go with the flow of what the painting reveals over time.

102 x 76cm
Acrylic on stretched canvas, ready to hang


Nelson Bay

Acrylic Painting, For sale

This is a reworking of an old painting. I always loved the colours of this painting and so never wanted to change that, but after a recent foray into art using stickers, I was inspired to create an impressionistic version of it and I just love it.

121.7 x 121.7cm
Acrylic on stretched canvas, ready to hang


Different is Interesting

Acrylic Painting, For sale

When I painted this I was desperate for stress relief and to throw some paint on a canvas. 
As I was doing this, I was thinking about my boys and the obstacles they faced in life. They both have things that make them different than others and at times this has made life difficult for them. 
This painting evolved into a statement to them: that what makes them different also makes them interesting. This painting is all the better for that one flower that sticks out. 
Hopefully, when people see this artwork and they also realise that what makes us different makes us and life all the more interesting.

122 x 122cm
Acrylic painting on stretched canvas, ready to hang


Bursting Colour

Acrylic Painting, For sale, Mixed Media

This artwork was inspired by the most beautiful flowers, that were given to me by friends, for my 40th birthday. They were so full of life, love and beauty I had to capture them in my own way.

101.5 x 101.5 cm
Mixed media on stretched canvas, ready to hang