The Light in the Darkness

Acrylic Painting, Mixed Media, Originals For Sale, Realistic

I used to be really afraid of the dark, even as an adult. I am not sure what scared me so much, but with time I have learnt to appreciate the light in the darkness. We are so lucky to have the stars and the moon, to keep us company and they are so breathtaking. We also have the privilege of street lights! 
There are many beautiful gum trees close to me that when illuminated by the street lights seem to offer their own source of comfort and light. Their beauty is highlighted even more in the darkness. 
It reminds me to look for the light in the darkness and to hopefully reflect that light also.

The background of this piece has been made impressions from plants, using charcoal and marble powder to press into the painting.

76 x 102cm
Mixed Media


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