Busy Bee 1

Acrylic Painting, Floral, Realistic, Sold

I have become a bit obsessed with bees. When my family and I go for walks we spend a lot of time watching the busy bees doing their thing. They are amazing and without realising we actually rely on them for survival, but we walk past them, everyday doing their work. Thank you God for the busy bees.

I will be doing a mini series of these busy bees. 4 minis and one 76 x 76 cm.

Acrylic Paint on stretched canvas, ready to hang. Framed Tasmanian oak floating frame.
Painting 30 x 30cm
Framed 33 x 33cm

Signed on the front.


4 thoughts on “Busy Bee 1

  1. Hi Kim I’m a regular visitor to In The Picture framing at Hornsby. I know Sally (we’re at the same church) and she was telling me about you. I then saw the painting you gave Julie of the bee in the lily and absolutely loved it. I see you have done a series of these but I love the aspect of the one in the shop. I’m enquiring about whether you would paint another and if so how much it would cost; I was also interested in if you produce prints of your paintings and what they cost.


    1. Hi Vivian,
      My apologies for not getting back to you, I didn’t see this! So sorry!
      I adore Sally, and what a lovely church you go to.
      Thanks so much for liking my painting! Yes I am happy to do other ones. I can give you more info, on prices if you contact me through facebook messenger or I can pass on my details to Sally to pass on to you (she should know them).
      I also do do prints. I do limited edition of some and small open edition for others, but it depends on the size. The open edition are $50 for a 30 x 30cm (without a mount $80 mounted), and the limited edition are $120 for a 30 x 30cm with 5cm border on archival paper.
      Please feel free to contact me directly so that I don’t miss your message and you are always welcome to visit and chat about it with no pressure pf purchase.


  2. Hi Kim thanks so much for your reply. I don’t know how to contact you on Messenger (I’m techno challenged) but would love to be in contact about your bee painting. I took my sister to see it and she loved it too. It would be lovely to get her one and I have another friend who is into bees and I’d love to get her one too. Can we chat further about pricing and time frames etc
    Thanks Viv


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