Too Much

Abstract, Acrylic Painting, Floral, Sold

Too Much (Lego figures included)?I know I can be too much.Sometimes I feel too much, cry too much, think too much, worry too much, talk too much, hurt too much.I know this painting is too much, but do you know what…it was really fun to paint, to play, to include Lego figures, to cause it to be too much.Sometimes I don’t like being me, because of my “too much”.But God has made me an open book for a reason 😉I also care too much and love to much, so it ain’t all bad.

This artwork is framed (lovingly made by me) in a painted white Tasmanian oak floating frame.

Acrylic On Canvas
74 x 74.5 cm canvas
76 x 76.5 cm with floating frame


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