Buds of Hope

Acrylic Painting, Floral, Neutrals, Realistic, Sold

This crabapple was planted by the council and is so annoying, it completely blocks the path, so often you either have to walk on the road to get past it or you get slapped by it as you wheedle past. But it is so breathtakingly beautiful when it flowers. It is funny how sometimes we need these things that may seem cumbersome and in the way to literally stop us in our tracks and appreciate life.So life is pretty tough at the moment, we are all (in NSW) in a metaphorical winter, or even some may be in a dark night of the soul. But as winter passes, so do dark nights of the soul. 
These barren times where the trees are naked of life and leaves and maybe you begin to despair; but then slowly tiny buds start to develop, small and hidden. Then more time passes and one courageous bud bursts through to show you life, to show you that ALL seasons change. The winter passes and the dark nights of the soul pass too.


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