The Resilience Tree

Commission, Realistic, Sold

There is local tree in my neighbourhood that some might think is ugly. It has been planted in the wrong spot, under power lines and then been hacked at, time and time again and has grown into the most obscure shapes. 
But when I see this tree I am astounded and inspired. I have painted it in my art multiple times because I am fascinated by its beauty, by the shapes it has grown into as it has adapted to the life it has been given. 
This tree is amazing, it has lived for over my 40+ years, it continues to thrive despite its circumstances, no matter how many branches have been lopped off, no matter that it is bent sideways, no matter that it is at crossroads, no matter that its roots are bound by the roads and paths; this tree must have deep roots and a firm foundation. It stands strong in all its beauty, ugliness and awkwardness. This is a tree that I look at constantly and admire. 
This tree is by far the most interesting tree around. 

This is painting is home to 23 local birds and 1 iddy biddy lizard. Try and find them all.

The Resilience Tree was commissioned by and has been enlarged by Hornsby Hospital to fit a wall 4.7 x 2.8m, but this is the original painting.

It is framed in a floating frame.



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