On the Way: Jenolan

It has been said that an artist shows the world through their eyes. So that is what I am going to do.
We just went on a trip to Jenolan with our extended family and on the way I was struck by the beauty of the mountains. The undulating mountains captivated me and I had to paint them.
Acrylic on canvas
61 x 91.4cm
$530 SOLD

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Crystal Castle

It appears that letting go of what others think is freeing 😉 what a shock.
I have enjoyed painting for myself this week. Painting for stress relief, painting for fun, painting abstract, painting with a hope of a good outcome, but oh well if not.
I call this My Crystal Castle.
152.5cm x 61cm
Oil on canvas (this one is going to take a long time to dry).
$365 SOLD

Peace: The Entrance

Things have been tough but I am working through all the challenges in life, trying to find my way through the mud and floods, but I am again finding peace, through the grace of God.
After a visit to The Entrance to spend time with a great group of friends, and seeing the divine beauty of the area, I was inspired to paint a couple of quick and restful pieces.
Oil on canvas: still wet
91.4cm x 76.2cm
$240 SOLD