Celebrated Artist

When am I success?
Is it when I do great art or when I can sell questionable art for a lot of money?

A reacted quite strongly to a recent visit to a modern art gallery. I came away with such tremendous frustration bubbling away in me.
What is art? What is modern art? What makes something valuable or an artist worth listening to? Why is a name so valuable?
My frustration bubbled out into my art. I was desperate to paint a satirical piece on the world of modern art.
I painted over an old painting destroying what took effort, replaced by what took none.

Mixed Media on canvas
$13 195
35.6 x 45.7cm

(The irony is I actually like this, whoops)


Recently I went on a retreat to an Abbey in Jaberrro and as I sat in the quiet of the Abbey and reflected, I was struck by the beauty that surrounded me. There was so much to inspire and fill the spirit that I started to draw, and as I did I was captured by the journal that I was drawing in. It was etched leather in such beautiful detail, it was captivating. This is a reflection of that journal and the intricacies of it.
I have drawn and painted it using pens, shellac and acrylic paint. It has a very raw a rustic effect. I hoped to duplicate the worn, rough, imperfect journal cover as I felt this added to its beauty.

Mixed media on canvas sheet (requires framing)
3 Panels of 37.5 x 48 cm


A Place to Rest

A Place of Rest
I really wanted to try something different, play painting.
This is a mixed media piece, where I took myself back to high school and played with paper and impasto and just had fun with it. There is something so relaxing about not necessarily knowing where you are going with a piece of art, but just seeing what happens.
This painting has great texture and character.
Mixed media (ink, acrylic and paper) on canvas sheet (will require framing).
37cm x 47cm

A Moment Without Colour

A Moment Without Colour
Do you ever have those times where life has been challenging, you are recovering from a grief, loss or difficulty, life is good but you still carry the loss with you? I feel that way.
We know it is life. We know it happens, but we need time. Lots of time, lots of space to fill the gaps, to swap the bad for the good, to turn the tide. It will happen.
Mixed media on canvas
61cm x 61cm

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